The Pop Up Kitchen

Smart occupancy solution of unused ground floor spaces in cities

A film by Sonya Kalcheva, Natalija Veskovic and Adrienn Holnthoner.

The ground floor zone is the most important space in the city. It is a living working and co-existing space that serves the attractiveness and comfort of the area. We can still see abandoned shops, garage entrances and storage areas. How many streets must lose their character until we do finally something about it? We stop it!

These vacancies offer the greatest potential for smart occupancy, multiple and successive uses and we must find the right way to liven up the abandoned shops and pubs in all sorts of neighborhoods. By organizing short events, it is possible to recycle the premises and to show people the potential variety of uses. The idea is to stop by at empty areas and then move on to the next possible station to fill the puzzles holes. In this way, we can revive the heart of the city piece by piece. And how do we do that? The answer is simple. With food!

The video presents a clever and simple solution by three students and how they got there, watch it now!