Building a brand. Do you want traffic or significant traffic?

In the past half year our team at IPRE created the website of to buzz more talk around the term of ‘Smart Occupancy” and see what online channels, social media hashtags can bring more audience to our content. In the era of followers and likes and fight-for-more-attention, is hard to get some online contact establishments for important topics. For example, sustainability is a burning topic, there are books created about “Sustainability Marketing” and how to teach idea and sell sustainable products on the market but most of us still do not do anything about our future and how to handle well our present.

Smart Occupancy is the “smart term” of multiple uses of space or use optimization of unused spaces avoiding unsustainable architecture planning for the future and optimize existing, abandoned or not well-used spaces in the present or in the future. Share Economy, AirBnB, “event-location-Airbnb”, co-working & co-living spaces, and mostly: Real-Estate-as-a-Serice models are already part of our present and maybe waiting for you to be the next believer of the idea. In the world of global enterprises and the new rise of small, medium companies and startups there is a bigger need for flexible, affordable space than ever. Meanwhile reading this article, you can learn already about two things: gain ideas about searching for suitable places for your future company and see how to collect feedback or kick-off your science business on the easiest, budget-friendly way.

If you are still reading this article, probably you are interested in the topic. If you would like to gain some online reputation or simply build a “digital business card” (as I call these informative websites) for your good cause, follow the following steps:

  • Find an attractive name for your term
  • Explain easily, maybe with the help of videos, what is it about
  • Get your domain
  • Activate the most important Social Media Channels, or channels you would like to test for your company. You have to test which channels are the most significant for your goals.
  • Set Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization tool for your website
  • Sign up for the Newsletter of
  • Prepare your content redirecting it to your website
  • Prepare a posting plan for your content and be consequent with it (Do not forget to post for 3 weeks, and then complain about having no traffic!)
  • Do extensive hashtag and network research – who can be interested in your topic?
  • Post and observe the channel insights’ and Google Analytics’ results and get ready for possible adjustments
  • If you have enough test-material, feedback and content or the future to build your strategy, get Buffer (free up to 3 Social Media Channels)
  • Do not to be afraid of trying out different things on your channel: maybe your future audience is more positive about watching videos than reading Tweets or visa versa.

These points are the most important key findings of the “Online Brand Establishment for a scientific term” written by Dora Hably, within the IPRE initiative of Smart Occupancy. This thesis was a successful MBA diploma work at the MODUL University Vienna. Branding for or branding of science, and especially in the online field is a neglected research area, where researchers still have a way to experience or pave themselves. We would love to see your opinion or exchange some experiences in this field.  If you have any related content of branding for science, do not hesitate to contact us! If you are interested in the research, click here.