If you are planning to change your built environment (office, education), but do not know where to start, contact us! The initiative and education of Smart Occupancy presents:

  • Educational courses for corporate real estate managers and developers, facility managers.
  • In-house seminars of the density of the used environment.
  • How to intensify your built environment.
  • Study cases and simulations.
  • Creating guidelines for sustainable use – RESEARCH – TEACHING – LEARNING – PUBLISHING.

Our mission is teaching and educating society for sustainable environment and it starts with the individuals and their way of thinking. In the age of digitalization, we are surrounded by millions of tools and we do not even know why we use most of them. Before you would implement any technical solution to optimize daily use of your environment, tell your people, managers, decision makers, why is it useful and might be necessary and essential.

Tell us more about your problem or need for optimization and contact us anytime with your short inquiry: