Smart Occupancy of the North Railway Hall in Vienna, Austria (Nordbahnhalle)

After the demolition of the historic station in 1965, the area of the former North Station was only used for goods handling. In the 1990s, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) completely abandoned the site.  After all, only a rocky grass field remained with its unique charm.

Nowadays, the Nordbahnhalle can offer different functions for co-working workshops, meeting points, restaurants or well taken-care gardening boxes of the Integration Center, as well as several halls of various sizes.

From April to June 2018 organized total of 65 public events created plenty of variety. Apart from long-term exhibitions, a total of 45 days of 91 were successfully filled with events. Public authorities, associations, educational institutions, companies or private persons organized them.

The Nordbahnhalle has shown that in a living area of 20.000 people, there is a need for an event venue. At the moment, the existence of the site continues to be a mix of charitable and commercial uses.  It is an option that would be unthinkable without smart occupancy.

Interim uses are temporary uses of buildings, what were originally intended for other different long-term purposes. This video presents different uses of the Nordbahnhalle, to see, what kind of variety of events are taking place; who is organizing for whom and how the rooms can be used.